Tounca Platform – What is new – July ’22

We published our platform 7 months ago. In a meantime we made some great results. There are just some of the most important news:

  • We have 1.600+ registered experts from almost all business areas.
  • That means we can implement any well known ERP, CRM, HRM, BI, or similar business software.
  • And we can do it worldwide as our experts speak almost all known languages.
  • Our offering can be minimum 2 times (sometimes even 10x) cheaper from any implementation partner company.
  • From January this year we are incorporated, so now we are Tounca, Inc. with the headquarters in Delaware.
  • We launched special campaign for other startups New ERP or CRM for Startups – ONLY $999.

This spring we were presented on two startup events: StartupGrid in Redwood and TechCrunch Early Stage in SF. We have more plans in the future. You can find more about us on

But for this fall we are preparing one surprise. We will launch our first SaaS product. This product can work if you are using our platform or independently. And this is really something new… unseen product up to now. Stay tuned…