Tounca Platform – What is new – July ’22

We published our platform 7 months ago. In a meantime we made some great results. There are just some of the most important news:

  • We have 1.600+ registered experts from almost all business areas.
  • That means we can implement any well known ERP, CRM, HRM, BI, or similar business software.
  • And we can do it worldwide as our experts speak almost all known languages.
  • Our offering can be minimum 2 times (sometimes even 10x) cheaper from any implementation partner company.
  • From January this year we are incorporated, so now we are Tounca, Inc. with the headquarters in Delaware.
  • We launched special campaign for other startups New ERP or CRM for Startups – ONLY $999.

This spring we were presented on two startup events: StartupGrid in Redwood and TechCrunch Early Stage in SF. We have more plans in the future. You can find more about us on

But for this fall we are preparing one surprise. We will launch our first SaaS product. This product can work if you are using our platform or independently. And this is really something new… unseen product up to now. Stay tuned…

Tounca Project Marketplace – First Month

Tounca LLC has just announced results after first month of working with their new platform Tounca Project Marketplace. If you don’t know what it is, this is unique online project marketplace for business solutions. This is the first online marketplace for projects and by their own words this is something similar as Airbnb or Uber, but for the business solutions. But as this is project engagement, this is a bit more complicated as platform has to prepare completely project team for implementation. But they also provide absolutely free-of-charge support for all potential clients for choosing the most fit solution based on their requirements as well as finding the best team.

After one month from starting, they had to find their own place on the web. But in this period they attracted almost 300 experts worldwide and they are already ready in Tounca Expert’s Community. Tounca also signed first project for implementation. We will wait some period to get first feedback and hope they will have new projects. They are available globally and you can find experts there for almost all global business solutions. You can find more information related with their first month on their report below:

Tounca LLC is an American Limited-Liability Company with headquarters in Dover, Delaware, filed on May 24, 2021. Tounca is a privately held, bootstrapped company, meaning it operates on its own profits without external investors up to date. Company is new but built on strong and long-term expertise. Even so, our plan is to become the global leader in next-generation services.

If you want to see how they work, you can start from here: Tounca | How it works ?

If you want to register as an expert (an individual or as a company), do it here: Tounca | Join expert community

Risks in old fashioned ERP implementation

Implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is typically a massive undertaking for any company, from the smallest to the biggest enterprises. And this is mostly not only massive undertaking, but also time consuming, and very risky. If you look at the history of the ERP implementation projects, you will probably find a lot of challenges and very often failures.

Of course, there is no way how to overcome all risks in advance and to create absolutely safe implementation and because of that we need to have properly risk management on the project. But it is possible to reduce the most of them and overcome some of them with a great impact.

As a story about successful ERP implementation is story about satisfy customer, we will try to explain what customer can do to overcome the most important risks. There is not a magic wand, but there are some instructions how to avoid issues and you will see, they are not complicated, and you just need to organize yourself and to ask for help sometimes.

Choosing the best solution

Choosing the right solution is probably the most important task, but even if it looks easy, this is mostly one of the most complicated. This is because that in most cases you will make research on your own, you will use your or your colleagues experience, or you will start to discuss with some of partners you believe they can provide this solution for you.

If you try to make your own research, probably you will not catch all information…

Full text is available here:

Tounca Marketplace Platform has been launched

A few days ago, Tounca Marketplace Platform has been launched. What is new with this marketplace platform? Is this only one new online marketplace or something more?

This time we are witnesses of something new. As there are many different marketplace in recent years, we didn’t have Project Marketplace until now. This is the first global Project Marketplace… currently only for business software implementations. Founders want to make business software available for everybody who needs it. If you need any type of ERP, CRM, HRM, SCM, BI, or similar solution, you can contact them and they will help you first to find the most fit solution and after that company or individuals in virtual team who will implement such solution.

What is interesting here? Completely process of evaluation of customers’ needs is absolutely free for customers. Tounca Platform will help you to evaluate your requirements, to choose solution you really need, to prepare Request for Proposal, to provide a few really comparable offers and to choose implementer… and all of these for free. They don’t have any interest in choosing some specific solution, and because of that they will provide really and valuable support to find solution the most fit with your requirements. When you start with the project with chosen implementers, Tounca Platform will provide project management portal where you can track progress, but Tounca will provide additional project management supervision for free, to provide out-of-the risk environment. If you just want to check what you can get and what steps you can expect, we will suggest to start with ‘How it works’ page: Tounca | How it works ?

On the other side if you are an expert, you can easily make registration and wait to be engaged for full project or some specific task, depends what customer needs. Register here: Tounca | Join expert community.

Depends on your interest, we will write more about this new unique project marketplace as this is something really worthy of your attention.