Navigate to Flow Screens Dynamically with Custom Navigation Buttons


I recently came across a very interesting use case(thanks to Sarah Khalid).

Imagine you have a flow screen with a bunch of custom navigation buttons that take you to the next flow screen when clicked. But what if you want to navigate to different screens based on the button you clicked?

NOTE: One way to solve this is by replacing custom navigation buttons with radio buttons paired with a Decision element and navigate to screen based on the selected radio button. However, this costs you an extra click and also makes the design less intuitive.

So what can we do?

Let’s take a very simple example and see how we can solve this.

We have a screen with three custom navigation buttons(Button 1, 2 and 3) and we want to automatically navigate to Screen 1, 2 and 3 when the respective button is clicked.


The idea is simple…

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Dynamics 365 Ecosystem Map October 2020

Totovic Dynamics 365 Blog

Recently I published a blog post about Dynamics 365 Ecosystem for April 2020 release. As I see many of you downloaded these images, but I also got a comments that this was outdated as a few days ago Microsoft announced October 2020 release (2020 Wave 2 release). Because of that I started with updating these graphics and I’ve just finished with all news.

Again, I want to mention and to say ‘thanks’ to Vadim Korepin who made this initial graphics. I used his initial slides and added all news from the last release. But even more, I found that one important part of Dynamics 365 ecosystem was not there – Industry Accelerators. They are very important parts of ecosystem and it can be very useful for some specific industries. This time I added them, and I hope we will have more and more partners using them.

If you want…

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