Risks in old fashioned ERP implementation

Implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is typically a massive undertaking for any company, from the smallest to the biggest enterprises. And this is mostly not only massive undertaking, but also time consuming, and very risky. If you look at the history of the ERP implementation projects, you will probably find a lot of challenges and very often failures.

Of course, there is no way how to overcome all risks in advance and to create absolutely safe implementation and because of that we need to have properly risk management on the project. But it is possible to reduce the most of them and overcome some of them with a great impact.

As a story about successful ERP implementation is story about satisfy customer, we will try to explain what customer can do to overcome the most important risks. There is not a magic wand, but there are some instructions how to avoid issues and you will see, they are not complicated, and you just need to organize yourself and to ask for help sometimes.

Choosing the best solution

Choosing the right solution is probably the most important task, but even if it looks easy, this is mostly one of the most complicated. This is because that in most cases you will make research on your own, you will use your or your colleagues experience, or you will start to discuss with some of partners you believe they can provide this solution for you.

If you try to make your own research, probably you will not catch all information…

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